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What Matters

What matters? G2 helps secure businesses, employees, and assets by creating cybersecurity goals focused on business priorities and organizational risk.

Understanding security. With decades of experience in cybersecurity, our experts assess your current security practices to identify gaps that may go unnoticed.

Helping you! We will work with you to tailor a roadmap and implement security improvements to help you achieve your business objectives.

G2 Commercial

G2 Commercial helps secure and protect businesses, employees, and assets from cybersecurity threats everyday. With more than 130 cybersecurity engineers and software developers with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience, G2 is ready to assist organizations in addressing the security risks in their environment.

G2 Commercial leverages over 16-years' experience supporting the U.S. Federal Government to assist organizations in implementing risk informed security programs. Through our strong cybersecurity expertise and experience, G2 has worked with organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Institute in developing leading cybersecurity frameworks, standards, and platforms.

Through this experience, our team is uniquely suited to work with organizations to perform security assessments and create a risk-informed strategy to mitigate cybersecurity threats and keep your doors open.


Scoping and Prioritizing

  • Identify and scope organizational priorities and goals

Conducting Assessments

  • Perform in-depth analysis of technical, management, and operational controls currently implemented by the organization
  • Identify security concerns
  • Provide recommendations for risk management and meeting organizational targets

Action Plan Support

  • Assist organizations in deploying gap closing solutions
  • Implement mitigation actions identified from the gap analysis

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Cybersecurity Implementation

Develop Security Strategies

  • Define a clear and measurable approach for improving the cybersecurity posture of organization
  • Create strategy for meeting appropriate standards and regulations
  • Develop action plan for implementing security strategies

Implement Security Solutions

  • Develop solutions to mitigate risk and improve organizational security posture
  • Implement security standards to achieve security compliance
  • Operationalize solutions to promote continuous improvement

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